A summer in Switzerland

After spending a couple of months in new territories and meeting new people, it was nice to take a break and go back to familiar areas and faces. So I spent the last 5 weeks catching up with people in Singapore, Switzerland and the US. It was great talking about my travel experiences and getting first hand information from the real world…

Over the last 10 years I had almost forgotten how beautiful Switzerland is in summer and I keep joking to my friends that the whole country really comes across as one big national park. Summer days are very long around here (daylight from 5.30am to almost 10pm) and the Swiss are surprisingly relaxed during this period. There is a strong desire to soak up the sun and spend as much time as possible outside (preferably at a lake or in the mountains), beer gardens and outdoor cafes are popping up like mushrooms and for a short time we may rival Argentina and Australia as BBQ champions. Thanks to the financial crisis, the Swiss are rediscovering their own country and many are planning to spend the summer vacations around here.

Over the last 5 weeks or so I have been fortunate to discover many beautiful corners of my country with some simple one day hikes. It has nurtured my appetite for more and I have decided to go it all the way. Hence, from July 8 I will be hiking all across Switzerland on the Alpine Culture Trail, from Lake Geneva all the way to Val Mustair at the Eastern end. The total distance is 650km divided into roughly 30 stages. The trail crosses the four language areas of Switzerland as well as ten different Kantons and 15 alpine passes. Lowest point is 372m above sea level (Lake Geneva) and the highest is at 2585m (Vereina). Apart from the physical challenge, the trail is really all about learning more about history, culture, customs, craftsmanship of the different areas. After travelling all over the world, this is well overdue.

Anyway, depending on the infrastructure I will keep you updated during my trip. Also would like to invite anyone interested to join me for a couple of hours or a couple of days. The fresh Alpine air, stunning scenery and healthy lifestyle will give you a new perspective – guaranteed! Just take a look at the pictures below…

So long,




View from my parents house (!) in Amden


Alpine pasture around my hometown Amden


Scenery on Murgsee Trail




Toggenburger Hoehenweg


Lovely Alpine hut…

Aelpler Koni

…and the friendly locals

Seealp See

Seealp See, Appenzell

Love Cows

…and yes, you will find them everywhere!


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